Cleaning your Persian carpets at home can be a pretty straightforward process. Vacuuming once every two weeks or so (not more than once a week) to remove dust and dirt is recommended, while brushing by hand to get rid of deeper-rooted dirt should be carried out every few months. When vacuuming, avoid pushing the carpet heavily in the opposite direction of the pile. Avoid the fringes - these can be detangled and straightened by hand. The machine should not be too powerful and should not have rotary brushes. To clean a carpet by hand, all you need is a brush (hand-held or long-handled) with short, fairly stiff bristles. Never use a wire brush as you may end up ripping out or shredding the pile. Flip the carpet over and brush the underside with firm strokes to loosen dirt deep in the pile. You can also hang the carpet over a clothesline or windowsill and beat the underside with a carpet beater. Sweep the floor under the carpet before replacing your carpet. Brush the carpet thoroughly, first against the pile, then in the direction of the pile. For entranceway rugs, hall carpets and carpets in heavy traffic areas, more frequent hand cleaning may be necessary.

Check carpets for stains and damage every time you clean them. Normal spills should be cleaned or soaked up immediately by dabbing with a clean cloth or paper towel. Never rub a stain as you may drive it further into the pile. If necessary use warm water and shampoo (even hair shampoo) on a damp towel to clean the stain. Then dry the carpet with a clean towel and air it thoroughly to dry it. Tea and red wine present a major problem when spilt on carpets due to their natural dye qualities. For these, we recommend immediate cleaning with salt and soda water. If a spillage has escaped notice, try the same general procedure prior to calling a carpet professional. Roll up and remove all carpets when washing the floor as water and damp can rot and severely damage your carpets. Replace the carpets only when the floor is completely dry. Furthermore, the chemicals used in floor cleaning agents such as bleach can destroy or alter the dyes in carpets. Over time we recommend that you treat your carpet to a thorough hand-washing to remove stubborn dirt, enliven the colors and refresh the pile. In general, light-color carpets should be cleaned in this way every 1-2 years. Dark pieces hold the dirt better and thus should be cleaned every 2-4 years. Consult your carpet dealer for the best cleaning methods for your type of carpet. Cleaning of older and antique carpets should be entrusted to the care of a carpet expert.