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Can you give some tips on how to measure the quality of a refined carpet?
Measure dimensions for symmetry. In general, a variance of only up to 2 to 4 inches is acceptable in tribal or village pieces. For city pieces, dimensions should be almost perfect.
Check for design symmetry: ensure that the medallion is in the exact centre of the carpet.
Check for unevenness when the carpet is laid on the floor; slight lines from folding are fine. Unevenness, which appear as a result of knotting with different tension in different parts of the carpet, is a serious flaw. Sometimes the carpets are stretched after being completed to hide this flaw and only after exposure to humidity or damp can it be seen.
Count the knots-per-square-inch density using the rough-and-ready method: taking a tape measure, measure an inch, count one line of knots individually and square it.

Can the colours of carpets fade?
Yes. Therefore, carpets should not be placed under direct strong sunlight for a long time. Humidity is also bad for the carpet; they are best suited for air conditioned spaces.

How can one maintain and clean the carpets?
Vacuuming once every two weeks, but not more than once a week, is recommended. Brushing by hand to get rid of deeper-rooted dirt should be carried out every few months. When vacuuming, avoid pushing the carpet heavily in the opposite direction of the pile. The machine should also not be too powerful and not have rotary brushes; tangled fringes should be straightened by hand. One can also hang the carpet over a clothesline and beat the underside with a carpet beater. Then, brush the carpet thoroughly, first against the pile, then in the direction of the pile. It is also good to sun the carpet for a day under full sunlight, every four to five months.

How can stains be cleaned?
Normal spills should be cleaned or soaked up immediately by dabbing with a clean cloth or paper towel. Never rub a stain as it may drive it further into the pile. If necessary, user warm water and shampoo on a damp towel to clean a stain, then dry the carpet with a clean towel and air it thoroughly to dry. Do note that if the carpet is not cleaned properly, it will be spoilt. Hence, it would be best to go to a carpet professional. Charges are priced according to every square foot. Here at The Orientalist Singapore, we clean carpets professionally within a week.

What is the best way to store carpets?
Rolling causes the least stress to the carpets. Folding will stretch and strain the warp threads of tightly-knotted carpets and cause them to loose their shape, or worse, cause the warp to snap. Fold carpets only if they are of a coarser weave or are too large to be rolled. However, do lay the carpets flat to breathe and straighten them at least once a month.

Besides the sale of carpets, what else does The Orientalist Singapore do?
Plenty! Whether it’s wear or tear, we have master weavers from Iran with the expertise to fix it. For highly valued carpets, if there is ever a need, we can commission a master weaver for expert restoration. And with over 1,200 colours to choose from we can help you custom design your very own masterpiece. We have an interior design corner and we provide consultation and give advice on all the practicalities and aesthetics of choosing a carpet. We can also do house calls to give you interior advice. In addition, we conduct entertaining and fun master classes on handwoven carpets and rugs. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our store, we have a ‘search’ team at your service with unique connections to find the perfect rug or carpet to match your needs.